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Who we are

Pure Direct Cleaning ltd

Our big sister company, DC Property Maintenance has been providing all types of property maintenance for over 15 years and is still going strong today. From cleaning, decorating, gardening/landscaping to minor builds within properties and much, much more.

Pure DC was created to fill and cover areas service and service levels that DC Property Maintenance are not suited to.

Using all of those years of experience with DC, Pure DC will be the next big step…



Our Services

Pure Water-fed pole hot water system

The de-ionized water we filter through three different methods is lacking in ions, so it will pull solids off the glass and dissolve the solids into the water, aiding in the cleaning process. Because there are no solids dissolved in the water, the windows dry clear without water spots. … Water-fed cleaning is also referred to as pure water cleaning.

This is then aided by our versatile hot water delivery system, heating the Purified water up to 60 degrees to improve cleaning power on the dirtier windows, frames, facia, soffits, gutters and more. As we say, you wouldn’t clean your dishes in cold water!

We can use this system to reach where no traditional window cleaner can. Higher and in the more awkward places. 70ft to be exact. And without the need for ladders, cradles, cherry pickers etc, the cost to you as the customer decreases significantly while producing the same, if not better quality of clean.

Gutter Vacuuming

When Gutters are filled with dirt (which causes grass to grow!), rubbish from seagulls and even their nests, they can cause damage to your property.

It is not always possible to get a ladder up high enough or where the problem is, but with our powerful gutter vac with more than 3 times the suction of a normal hoover and long reach we can access and remove the problem at almost any height and awkward angle or side of roof.

Jet Washing

Our petrol powered heavy duty Jet wash will remove the toughest stains on driveways, patios, wooden decks, car parks and much, much more.

We can also provide our own water where there is no water source to improve convenience.

If the pressure of the water alone is not enough, we have multiple chemicals we can inject into the stream to aid the removal of the toughest stains and dirt on multiple surfaces without damage to the property.

Traditional Window Cleaning

The WFP (Water-fed pole) system is ideal for external windows and surfaces. But internally it will flood floors. This is where traditional is still of big importance to us.

Given in your quote of external windows you will also be given a price for the insides to be cleaned traditionally as well, leaving instant results and no water spillage in your property.